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Hi! This is Steve from Sligoamps.

I have been building guitar amps for well over a  12 years now and have many  of very satisfied customers.  Check out our reviews  on my  Facebook page SligoAmps or  all over the net.  Many people ask me what is my favorite amp, and I got to tell you its the Sligo Surfer  35  watt American classic   style amp .  The cab design is a little non traditional    design  but we can  custom order  your cab in a more traditional black-face style as well .  This amp has a  bias modulating reverb tremolo ,reverb , and a circuit  similar to a 14 watt  but much more powerful  with the 6L6 tubes  and a  gz34 rectifier.Great amp to gig with a 12 inch Weber Ferromax  ceramic speaker it weighs in around 35 lbs .My cabs are finger jointed pine for the U.S. style amps and finger jointed birch for the British style amps.  We offer mercury magnetic transformers,  as we well as Weber and Heybor.  I am a Weber speaker dealer and endorse their speakers with very high regard.   Call to contact me at 571 437 5891or email steve@sligoamps.com  , We are  located in Washington D.C. right  on the  Md. line and we love to sell local with  no shipping. And to all my return customers thanks for all the support over the  years .  Steven Clark


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Steve Sligo from Sligo Amps

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