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Bluesbreaker- 1974X with Tremolo


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With Tremolo or the TMB Version.  Exact schematic as the original.  We sell this Amp with the 180 dollar 12 inch Celestion Heritage Speaker and check this out, we can do the Mercury Radiospheres Trannys at cost and you have the best sounding Bluesbreaker out there.  These Amps sound fantastic!  Comes with a foot switch on the Tremolo version.  Two year warranty, Carling Switches, Weber Cabinet, exact EL84 Schematic.


  • Option of Tremolo or the TMB Version
  • Celestion Heritage Speaker
  • Mercury Radiospheres Trannys at cost
  • Foot Switch on Tremolo Version
  • Carling Switches
  • Weber Cabinet
  • Two Year Warranty