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JTM 45 Head Unit with all Upgrades


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Product Description

JTM 45 hand wired tube amps straight from the Sligo Amp Factory.  This amp can be a JMP 50 or Super Bass 50, and is the same price.  Cliff Jacks, Fiberglass, Turrett board, Mallory caps and Sozo – if you prefer Mercury Transformers, Carbon Comp resistors. All the best components!  It has a 4 or 8 or 16 OHM selector on back on the amp.  All hand wired like the original.  JTM 45 comes with K66 or EL34 power tubes, optional post phase inverter master volume at on charge.


  • Hand wired
  • Cliff Jacks, Fiberglass, Turrett board, Mallory Caps and Sozo
  • Option for Mercury Transformer, Cabon Comp Resistors
  • 4 or 8 or 16 OM Selector
  • K66 or EL35 Power Tubes
  • Optional Post Phase Inverter Master Volume