Sligo Beano

Sligo Beano Model Bluebreaker JTM 45 With Tremolo


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Product Description

This Amp is an exact copy of the original Bluesbreaker with Tremolo Version made famous by John Mayall, Eric Clapton album “Bluesbreakers”, also called the Beano Album.  Comes stocked with the Mercury Radiospheres Transformers and KT66 Power tubes, two 12 inch Weber Silver Bell speakers (25 watt) and a custom made cabinet made by I.E. Knewll.  This amp comes with all the best components money can buy!!!  Also comes with foot switch for on and off of the Tremolo.


  • Mercury Radiosphere Transformers
  • KT66 Power Tubes
  • Two 12 Inch Weber Silver Bell Speakers (25 Watt)
  • Custom Made Cabinet made by I.E. Knewll
  • Foot Switch for On and Off of the Tremolo