Customized Amplifiers! Here’s what my customers have to say about my amplifiers!

Testimonial from Bob Womack

This was my first commission, a ’59 Tweed Deluxe clone from Steve Clark at Sligo Amps. For the Deluxe, Steve works from Weber kits but offers upgrades. It took about seventeen days for him to build it up and ship it including ordering the Mercury Trannies. This is the version he calls his “Ultimate Tweed Deluxe.”

The specs are:

  • Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • hand made oil and wax red Jupiter tone caps
  • carbon comp resistors
  • Carling switches
  • CTS pots
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • JD Newell lacquered cab
  • Weber 12A125 Alnico speaker.

The amp is quiet (noise-free) and really powerful. It sounds wonderful at virtually any position of the controls without any buzzy nastiness. It does everything from clean to nasty with a very classic rock/blues sound and is the most responsive amp to touch and guitar volume control that I’ve ever played. You can dime the amp volume and pull back the guitar until it is clean without loosing a bunch of treble. The combination of the tube rectifier and cathode bias makes it limit off the pick attack and then naturally compress the sound very smoothly.

Testimonial from Mike Williamson

I received the 1959 Upgraded Bass-man today and it way surpassed any expectations that I had. This Is my third amp from Steve (Blues Breaker and Tweed Pro before this) and each one continues to provide the absolute best tone with their own sweet spots which just bleeds with Harmonic overtones. If you look on the web… Steve is cranking out these amps at a fraction of the cost of any competitor and providing upgraded components like Mercury Magnetic Transformers and Chokes, Red Jupiter or SoZo Capacitors, Weber speakers and the list just goes on. My point being is Steve AKA Mr. SLIGO which should be a household name amongst guitars players soon is giving us the best bang for our buck. Look at what he offers …significant premium component upgrades at a fraction of his competitors cost..With each amp breathing all these tones everyone chases for years. That is why he can say on his site about specific amps “WE WILL PUT THIS BASSMAN UP AGAINST ANY OUT THERE – ORIGINAL OR ANY OF THE OTHER COPY AMPS” I will stand behind what he says because each amp he has provided me has been way over the top in performance and reliability. I was playing my Fender Tweed Twin today while waiting on the SLIGO Bassman to show up. No doubt the Tweed twin sounded good in its own right, but when I plugged the SLIGO Bassman and struck the first chord then a few notes and quickly tried a few more when my Jaw dropped thinking the same thing he also says on his site…” IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS”. Steve I don’t know how you are continuing to give us the most bag for our buck in quality components, reliability and each being its own tone monster. The guitars used today to put the SLIGO Bassman through its paces where PRS McCarty Korina With soap bars, Gibson Firebird V with mini Hum buckers and a Gibson 58 RI with Custom Bucker Pickups…Each had unsurpassed tones though the SLIGO Bassman.

Testimonial from George Marinelli


Been meaning to email you about the amp. it’s great. did a rehearsal and gig with a friend locally here in nashville, and it was great. a really good guitar player who was there commented that his deluxe clone sounded papery compared to yours. then i did a rehearsal and gig with bonnie this week. she really was impressed with the sound of an amp it’s size. it had no trouble competing with her badcat. and i didn’t realize, but that’s the first time in 14 years i’ve done a gig with her without a spare amp. so all in all, i’m really happy. the only minor thing is that tone control still peaks at 7 or 8 in the normal channel, but i work around that by jumping the channels and adding a little of the bright to the normal.
Thanx, and merry christmas,


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Testimonial from Mike Ward

Ican’t stop playing this damn thing. just blows my mind what a difference those transformers made. haven’t even plugged my OCD pedel into it, i’m afraid. Probably end up on Oprah as some frickin amp addict or something.

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Testimonial from Dennis Walsh

Want to thank you for your wonderful product and dedicated support. The low power twin sounds exactly as I hoped it would. It perfectly captures the coveted 1950s tweed tone but also sounds great with pedals. I have left you outstanding feedback on Ebay. No doubt I will be back and I will spread the word to my many guitar playing friends about your wonderful Sligo amps.